Home … some say it’s where the heart is. Others say it’s where charity begins. We say it should be your favourite safe space, where you can express yourself through the way your house is structured and presented. Out of all the tweaks you can make during a new build, renovation, or subtle makeover, lighting stands out where opportunities for creative optics are concerned. In this blog, we’ve compiled all our favourite lighting trends going into 2020. If you’re planning on making some changes to your space, partnering up with a residential electrician to try one of these is a great idea.

Lighting Idea #1 – Repurposed Glass Pendants Merge Rustic And Refined Aesthetics

There’s nothing like a bit of recycled or repurposed glass to add some character to your space. Using rounded glass bottles to create pendant bulb covers makes for gorgeous distribution of light, especially in living and entertainment rooms.

Lighting Idea #2 – Black, Low-Hanging Light Shades Bring Mystery To Any Room

If you’d rather go for a more muted setting, black is the colour to go for. Look for bulb shades that hang just above standing height so that the light is close enough for you to see everything, but the shade is effective enough to create low light around the room.

Lighting Idea #3 – Desk Lamps Made From Stained Glass Designs

Gone are the days when stained glass was associated with church buildings and other religious temples. Your home is a sacred space too, so you can adapt this age old artform to add some charm to your bedrooms or even your home workspace.

Lighting Idea #4 – Creatively Designed Wall Lamps For Both Decorative And Functional Purposes

If desk lamps aren’t quite your thing but you need flexible lighting in your bedroom, wall lamps may do the trick. They provide a working solution for bedtime in a shared room, but also look modern at any time of the day.

Come on, take a step towards a new light this year! It will transform the way you view and experience your home. Not sure where to begin? The expert residential electricians at Sons of Electronic have got you covered. Call today.