There are many important differences between a commercial electrician and a residential electrician. They’re so important in fact that it’s worth us explaining in this blog what exactly a commercial electrician does and why you need to call on the right kind of electrician for the right job.

Different Accreditations

Commercial electricians are responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining electrical devices on commercial buildings. Most electricians receive training through an associate’s degree or an apprenticeship program, and all electricians must have a valid license to do any electrical installations and must strictly adhere to the Canadian electrical safety system. The Provinces have separate licensing for commercial and residential electricians. This is because the power used in commercial settings is different.

Types of Jobs

The different licence that a commercial electrician holds isn’t the only thing that separates them from the residential electricians.

Commercial electricians are trusted to work on jobs in environments like:

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial warehouses
  • Owners of apartment complexes
  • Real estate companies
  • Owners of retail store and franchises
  • Office buildings and more

Over and above this, while your residential electrician might be trusted to work on some home wiring or even rewire a home panel, only a commercial electrician can be trusted to work on the following kinds of commercial and trade jobs:

  • Changing and upgrading of panels
  • Functional industrial lighting
  • Attractive mood lighting
  • Acquisition of Permits – working with the City of Calgary and surrounding municipalities to acquire electrical permits for all new installation and renovations
  • Installation of time clocks that help staff keep track of time effectively
  • Troubleshooting problems in buildings or industrial environments
  • Power communication especially when it relates to the safety of data systems and communication lines

Its About Service Too

Obviously, when you call out a commercial electrician, certain expectations are made, and a good one meets these expectations. Obviously you expect your electrician to be trained and accredited but also experienced in working on large electrical systems, both in diagnosis and execution.

There is also an element of customer service that a good commercial electrician should bring to the table since they would have the experience of working with building managers and business owners who have limited time in the day and expect expert work done today rather than someday. This is another benefit that working with a commercial electrician should afford.

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